【 UTAUカバー 】Secret after School 秘密の放課後 【 Chorus】

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애프터스쿨 After School

애프터스쿨 After School

【 UTAUカバー 】Secret after School 秘密の放課後 【 Chorus】

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Writer flamingo sama Date20-03-23 00:00 Hit458 Comment0


:) i couldnt wait to upload this.
Personally, I love this song so much and i really wanted to make a cover for a while now.
Re (Miku), Ricca(Rin) and Sol(Yuki) by to me, flamingo-sama
Yukino Keisshou(Meiko) by to Miru
Amaterasu Omoiyari(Gumi) by to CoffeeHeist
Merodi Ongaku(Luka) by to Ritaleader14
Xiao Shancha(Lily) by Jaevocalproject
Yoru Emi(Miki) by thefabyandere
ML(Iroha) by Toooothy

Original Song by NatsuPp

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