Baby V.O.X (베이비복스) Start (스타트) - Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics (가사) [1997]

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베이비복스 Babyvox

베이비복스 Babyvox

Baby V.O.X (베이비복스) Start (스타트) - Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics (가사) [1997]

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From Baby V.O.X's first album Equalize Her. Thanks for watching!

Artist: Baby V.O.X (베이비복스)
Song: Haircut (머리 하는 날)
Album: Equalize Her (Voice of Xpression)
Track: 2
Release Date: July 10, 1997

*Note- To anybody who's been following my channel for awhile and watched the original version of this video, I wanted to make a new version because I was really unhappy with the look of the original video. Thanks for sticking around my channel for so long and enjoy this new version I'm much happier with.

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