Triplets REACTS to 비투비 (BTOB) - 'Outsider' Official Music Video!!! [ICONS!!]

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비투비 BTOB

비투비 BTOB

Triplets REACTS to 비투비 (BTOB) - 'Outsider' Official Music Video!!! [IC…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Us:
- You guys look alike, are you sisters?
Yes, we are identical triplets (hence our channels name).

- Where is your other sister?
Ebba isn't participating in all of our videos anymore. She has moved to South Korea to study and will be gone for a while. When she's home she will partcipate when she feels like it.

- Where are you guys from?
We're from Sweden.

Follow us and request videos you would like to see us react to on our instagram:

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