Deep Dive EP_21: Girl's Day(걸스데이) Solos: Yura - I'll love, Sojin - Sick & Everyday with You REACTION

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걸스데이 Girls Day

걸스데이 Girls Day

Deep Dive EP_21: Girl's Day(걸스데이) Solos: Yura - I'll love, Sojin - Sic…

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Our second to last episode with Girl's Day content - today with part 1 of the solos!

Today I'm reacting to three Girl's Day solo songs from members Yura and Sojin! This includes Yura's feature on JEVICE's "I'll love" song from 2012, Sojin's collab with Zico for "Sick", an OST for the K-Drama "Mask" from 2015 and Sojin's solo OST "Everyday with You" for the K-Drama "Reply 1988" from 2015 as well.

Beginning with Yura's feature on the JEVICE song "I'll love", I have to say that I was initially very confused in my reaction. I thought, that Sojin was actually part of this song and also did not inform myself prior to the reaction about JEVICE, so I thought it was a female soloist. I got the memo when Yura came on rapping in the middle, so yea.. don't mind me on this one LOL. Anyway, the song overall was great. I loved the vocals a lot and after re-listening to this song later on, I realized that I actually quite like how Yura sounded on this song contrary to the JEVICE voices as well.

For the Sojin solo OSTs I actually have a funny observation: both songs have similar fade outs in their songs, which leads to a quite identical song structure. Sure, this could also just be an OST thing and given that both songs are from 2015, it might have just been the "OST meta" for that year. Nevertheless, especially in "Everyday with You", her vocals shined so much once more that I had to really question my bias choice with Minah once more. Sojin really is THAT vocalist.

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0:00 Intro
2:21 Jevice \u0026 Yura - I'll love MV Reaction
9:47 Zico \u0026 Sojin - Sick MV Reaction
16:47 Sojin - Everyday With You MV Reaction
21:07 After Thoughts

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Sojin - Everyday With You MV →


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