The History & Profile of g.o.d! The Ultimate Guide to new fangods! ♥

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지오디 GOD

지오디 GOD

The History & Profile of g.o.d! The Ultimate Guide to new fan…

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g.o.d MV with ENG SUB ::

g.o.d HD MV ::

g.o.d Moments ::

g.o.d 'Babysitting Diaries' HD Full Show ::

g.o.d 'Babysitting Diaries' HD ENG SUB :: (15)

g.o.d ENG SUB Cuts ::

g.o.d Commercials ::

g.o.d on 'One Table' - Kyesang explains the reason of the withdrawal :: ////

g.o.d Couples Videos ::

g.o.d Albums :: (1)

Some of the playlists will be updated and even more will be created, so that you know even more about g.o.d!
Even you have any question about the group don't hesitate to ask me about it! ♥ Welcome to the family!

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