[KPOP IN PUBLIC] TWICE (트와이스) - The Feels Dance Cover 댄스커버 | Koreos

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트와이스 TWICE

트와이스 TWICE

[KPOP IN PUBLIC] TWICE (트와이스) - The Feels Dance Cover 댄스커버 | Koreos

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We’re back to give you THE FEELS with a new TWICE cover ONCE we heard this song we loved it so much we didn’t need to be told TWICE to do a cover of it! This song makes us wanNA(YEON) DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY~ We (JI)HYOpe you don’t need a SCIENTIST to tell you to watch the cover, because there’s only two options: YES OR YES We hope (TZU)YU LIKEY our cover just as much as we enjoyed filming it! We’re also planning to keep this (MO)MOmentum up and cover their new song hopefully soon, so look out for that as well~


Emily Lin @taemily_
Shasia Rangel @dancingshasia

Momo - J.R. Yonocruz @yolocruz
Sana - Emily Lin @taemily_
Jihyo - Shasia Rangel @dancingshasia
Mina - Chloe Kim @ch10e_k
Tzuyu - Sarah Zhang @ddara.ah
Nayeon - Ariel Wang @ari3l.w
Dahyun - Emily Ma @emily_j_ma
Chaeyoung - Aaron Ku @_.aarono_oku._

Filmed by:
Bao Vu @baovu0227

Edited by:
Janie Wang @janiewang_19

Assisted by:
Austyn Lee @austyn_tayshus

Graphics by:
Janie Wang @janiewang_19

DOUYIN抖音: @koreosucla
Bilibili: KoreosUCLA

Beginning production in December 2014, Koreos is a UCLA-based K-Pop dance cover team made up of members who each bring their own diverse and unique flavors. Koreos unites these flavorful individuals under one family who, with their passions for K-Pop and dance, create dance covers and compete in cover dance festivals to share their love with fellow K-Pop fans around the world

This video is used only for entertainment purposes. We do not own any of the music or choreography.

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