[MMD] Wonder Girls (원더걸스) - Tell Me (텔미)

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원더걸스 Wonder Girls

원더걸스 Wonder Girls

[MMD] Wonder Girls (원더걸스) - Tell Me (텔미)

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Writer Tanaka Mikki Date21-10-12 00:00 Hit2 Comment0


JYP and the Wonder Girls...."We're Back!" ❤️❤️❤️ I found a short solo dance cover I wanted to motion trace. Retro KPOP from 2008... As many know I Patreon a variety of current motion makers
as it important to keep our MMD world moving forward.. This was a personal challenge and fun!!
thank for reading and Please enjoy the video ❤️...

Motion: Tanaka_Mikki
Camera, Lead Lipsync, Backup Dancer Lipsync, Motion/traced from video file

Motion Trace Source video:

Models: Luka \u0026 Miku (MXMV)

Model: Haku (100Csilla)

stage:PDFT-Stargazer-Voc-loid-in-Love-Stage (Dan1024)

#MMD #원더걸스 #텔미

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